Electra - Female Dog

Color: Blue Merle Tan Point Parti
Eye Color: One Solid Blue & One marble blue
Health Tests: Petella's Normal, Eye Cert. Normal

Electra is a 2nd generation, curly coated Cockapoo. Her coloring is blue merle parti with tan points. Height is 15″ at the shoulder and weight is 19lbs. She is the most playful dog on the property. CRAZY about playing fetch. This silly girl will bring back with ever you decide to throw. If you don’t find something to throw for her she will find it for you. Yard favorites would be the endless supply of pine cones. Inside would be any toy with a squeaky still in it. Its all about play for her.

Electra also loves to swim, play in the water, hunt any rodent that moves and she enjoys going for rides in our truck. Electra is always at my side and eager to learn and please. She is well rounded and most definitely a fun, exciting girl. Below are pictures of Electra and few of her daughter Macy. Electra has only had one litter of babies. We may breed her sometime in 2014